Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tueday 30th July

As this lovely weather continues it has made me settle down to taking cuttings, our eldest girl is moving into a small bungalow which needs the garden sorting out, hence extra cuttings and later on plant divisions for her.
The Fuschia cuttings I am taking for both of us, I always take far to many, I already have two hardy ones ready, also a Hydrangea, knowing she was hoping to move I did them last year.
Looking at our garden in general she will not have to buy much if anything.
I have been reading about the Foxglove Illumination Pink that are doing so well. On some Blogs there are those who think it may not be fully hardy, though the grower T & M say they are, so I shall hedge my bets and over winter some in the cold frame. As the Foxgloves are finishing the Stargazer Lilies next to them are just coming into flower, quite by chance they are both in the perfect spot to give a spectacular  long show.
I have asked Scot when the conditions are right, to do another photo of them showing the raindrops hanging from the leaves, this always fascinates me, small things and small minds comes to mind.

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