Tuesday, 14 June 2016

For the past 3 weeks we have not had any rain, the water barrels were empty, as ever it started to rain 2 days ago and never stopped since, so all my worries about the garden are now over, just glad we do not have the excess others are getting.
Everywhere is now so colourful and all the Fuschia cuttings along with the Begonia I planted out are jumping up.
Had a good laugh, the first time i have grown Courgettes and I have had to cut one as it looks well on the way to becoming a Marrow.
The dwarf Alstroemeria in the front garden are magnificent. Luckily they flower throughout the summer, must get some other colours, said that last year and then forgot.!!
In the back garden the Peonies as ever are a joy, this year I  them staked good and early, likewise the Lupins and  the tall Alstroemeria, it surely has paid off. Must admit I am at times a  bit slow to stake properly, must do better.