Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thursday 24th July

Mustn't complain about the lovely hot weather but O how we could use some gentle rain.
Two hot summers in a row is unheard of these days.
If it comes you can bet it will flatten all the Star Gazers and the Dinner Plate Dahlias, which are a delight at present,  everything else i feel would stand a chance.
Jack is enjoying lunch in the garden, even trying to dead head the Petunias etc. along side our eldest grandchild Jaymie, we will make a gardener of her yet.
This will sound like nonsense but I have Stargazers at the bottom of the garden, in places I definitely did not plant them. They are not quite the colour of my others, a much paler pink. 
I have always understood that they did not seed, it however seems to be the only explanation, carried by the birds perhaps!!! Will get Scott to take a photo or two as he does.
Those Pineberry plants, which were a gift have done nothing fruit wise, lots of healthy green leaves and what appeared to be fruit forming, I must admit I am disappointed, something different is great, however didn't seem to have work. 
The Rhubarb Timperley is cropping very well, its a family favourite. The new one is now in a large pot and appears to be happy.
What can I say about the Sungold Tomatoes other than terrific, seem to be cropping even better in this hot weather. Must admit I water twice daily, morning and evening and as ever feed weekly along with everything else.
The Sweet Peppers and the Chilly Peppers are also in full swing, shouldn't be long before we are picking some.

Monday, 14 July 2014

July 14th

One of the mistakes this year was over mulching around the Peony, thought it would wash in more, sadly it has now raised the levels at the base of them and they have not flowered. Must admit I wondered why, then remembered, they do not like the roots covering more than a touch, ah well, you live and learn, I hope!!.
I am so pleased with the garden generally  I could become quite a bore.
Does anyone know what you use Quince for, other than jelly, must look it up.
The Bramley Apple is loaded so will freeze some and repeat the Apple Jelly as last year, it was soon used up.
The John Downey Crab Apple is also looking good, keep telling myself to be patient as it is only a young tree, my mind keeps going back to my old large one. Perhaps its a good thing as I was making jelly for the whole family!!!
At the foot of the garden just in front of the revived Laurel, the Crocosmia Lucifer and the White Marguerites are giving their usual show stopper.
I forget at times about the front garden, the Queen Elizabeth rose is covered in flowers, likes being transferred to its new spot.
Have just potted on the Fuschia cuttings I did earlier so will be well on the way for next year.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Saturday 5th July

I have just staked the Dahlias, idiot that I am I had forgotten to do them, as ever broke one stem. Each year I promise myself I will do it very early but somehow leave them "just a little longer" and pay for it.
After not having much rain for a very long time last night it made up for it, sadly the weeds will also love it.
First pull of the Rhubarb that I planted last year and thought wasn't very tasty, well it must just have been too young as this is great, also found the label Timperley Early. Shall do as I read and leave this year to mature.
The photo of the back garden enclosed makes it look smaller than it really is, shame about the ramp hand rail. The Hydrangears especially the Mop Head in the front garden have benefit from the winter rain and sunny spring, plus all the lovely mulch I put on.