Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tueday 30th July

As this lovely weather continues it has made me settle down to taking cuttings, our eldest girl is moving into a small bungalow which needs the garden sorting out, hence extra cuttings and later on plant divisions for her.
The Fuschia cuttings I am taking for both of us, I always take far to many, I already have two hardy ones ready, also a Hydrangea, knowing she was hoping to move I did them last year.
Looking at our garden in general she will not have to buy much if anything.
I have been reading about the Foxglove Illumination Pink that are doing so well. On some Blogs there are those who think it may not be fully hardy, though the grower T & M say they are, so I shall hedge my bets and over winter some in the cold frame. As the Foxgloves are finishing the Stargazer Lilies next to them are just coming into flower, quite by chance they are both in the perfect spot to give a spectacular  long show.
I have asked Scot when the conditions are right, to do another photo of them showing the raindrops hanging from the leaves, this always fascinates me, small things and small minds comes to mind.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday 28th July

Really can't believe July is almost over, guess it was the late start that threw me out.
One thing that has made me rethink for next years planting, the Deep Purple Fuschia has not looked as happy with this excessive heat, it has in the past been happy in full sun, guess this year was just too much of a good thing for it, must give it a little more shade next year, though you can bet we wont have this heat to contend with. Dancing Flame really takes the brunt of all the sun and is fine thank goodness as are the others.
I have just made room for and planted two Roses a gift from my son Scott, the white/pink Margaret Merill is said to have a great scent along with being repeat flowering, hope so.  The Yellow Rosa Karessia is said to flower all summer, well we will see. Must admit I do not have much yellow in the garden at the moment. Wish someone would breed a yellow Fuschia.
The Bramley is still dropping Apples, thank goodness it is laden, as a family we all rely on it.
The lilac Lupin seedling I swopped a Hellebore for with Sam last year are flowering well.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday 26th July

I feel very lucky 3 nights ago that torrential rain didn't do any  damage, really thought that I would get up to find things flattened. Thank goodness I had well staked up all the tall things.
The corner of the end bed looks great now that the white Marguerite's and the red Crocosmia Lucifer are in full flower and despite the storm still upright, both are  4ft and 5ft tall. I guess its asking a lot for them not to be flattened if we have another rain storm.
The Star Gazer Lilly  are ready for opening, they always give a great show with the wonderful perfume as an extra.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tuesday 16th

This wonderful weather has really brought all the Fuschia into flower, one or two that were not doing as well as usual have made up for lost time.
I had to cut back the poor old Peony after those awful winds a couple of weeks ago, they were in tatters, such a shame.
The Rhubarb is really in full swing, have frozen 4 packs a great start. The little Herb planters are really proving good value, like the Rhubarb I have frozen more packs of Chives for the winter.
I think I have been very lucky,  the Queen Elizabeth rose I transplanted seems quite happy, have watered it every day, keeping my fingers crossed that I am not counting the chickens before hatching.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


What a delight these Foxgloves are, our Great Grandchildren will be amazed to watch the Bees visiting each of the tubular bells, we certainly were, realising there were more Bees in the garden than we thought.
Sadly it would appear they have missed the John Downey Crab Apple, there are very few apples, I use these to make Crab Apple jelly, its great with Chicken and Pork, a change from Apple Sauce. Oh well there is always next year, I hope though I must admit I am very disappointed.
During the earlier part of the so called Spring, I moved various things to give the front garden a new look, seems to be working. 
Adding the Queen Elizabeth rose to the  back of the side boarder, just behind the young Yucca gives it colour, the Alstroemeria are looking good at the front edge, the common Fuschia and Hydrangea never let me down, though the variegated Holly  rarely has berries. The Mahonia  is a gem, just around Christmas it is always covered in flowers, slowly things are taking shape to give me more colour and dare I hope less work.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

4th July

A glorious day seems a shame not to be able to garden, other than pottering, I have just had a Carpal Tunnel op. the left wrist, so must behave and not get get stuck into anything other than dead heading.
The new Foxgloves are in full flower and look good, the Bees love them, at present they are in a large planter, will have to find a permanent home for them. I also planted some in the front Garden but they are only half as tall, theres me thinking all the manure had really enriched the soil, oh well, will have to investigate their likes and dislikes.
The Alstoemeria pictured that Viv gave me, I have since divided, are now in full bloom, I shall divide again as the new colours I bought are not compact like these and that is what I was looking for.
This is the time now that things are catching up that I start to take cuttings, must find a glove large enough to keep my left hand covered!!