Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday 28th July

Really can't believe July is almost over, guess it was the late start that threw me out.
One thing that has made me rethink for next years planting, the Deep Purple Fuschia has not looked as happy with this excessive heat, it has in the past been happy in full sun, guess this year was just too much of a good thing for it, must give it a little more shade next year, though you can bet we wont have this heat to contend with. Dancing Flame really takes the brunt of all the sun and is fine thank goodness as are the others.
I have just made room for and planted two Roses a gift from my son Scott, the white/pink Margaret Merill is said to have a great scent along with being repeat flowering, hope so.  The Yellow Rosa Karessia is said to flower all summer, well we will see. Must admit I do not have much yellow in the garden at the moment. Wish someone would breed a yellow Fuschia.
The Bramley is still dropping Apples, thank goodness it is laden, as a family we all rely on it.
The lilac Lupin seedling I swopped a Hellebore for with Sam last year are flowering well.

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