Tuesday, 16 May 2017

16 May

Well at long last some rain, it is over a month since we had rain so very welcome.
Everything is really looking refreshed now.
We are having a fund raising day tomorrow at the Bowling Club so have done quite a few seedlings and plants for this, hope it's dry and that we sell all the plants and baking.

Delighted that the Dahlia & Fuschia  cuttings are all doing well.

The deep Purple Rhody is now in full flower, as it is near to the sunset yellow one they look great.
The John Downey Crab Apple tree is setting plenty of fruit, hope it  keeps Honey Fungus free, I would hate it to go the way of my Bramley.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tuesday 2nd May

MY how time flies, May already.
I am now hardening off the plants in the greenhouse, I have grown extra for the bowling club Fund Day, including Iceberg Lettuce.
The John Downie Crab Apple is a mass of flowers should be a good crop, didn't make any last year with Jack being so ill so will make extra for the family.
The yellow Rhododendrons are spectacular this year.
That Yucca had to go, it was so dangerous, it certainly did not like having the spikes trimmed off, became very sad looking, what a job Scott and Alan had removing it, just could not believe the size of the rootball, thankfully its all gone
The Begonias in the greenhouse are now growling well as are the new Dahlias --Hayley Jane. looking forward to seeing these in flower.

One of the perennials I am growing from seed for myself and the club are Rudbeckia, never grown them before so hope the are as good as the picture.