Monday, 31 August 2015

31st August

September tomorrow, the thought of winter is not a happy state of mind but must start the preparations.
Have just cut back the Stargazers Lilies.
The Marguerites and Crocosmia,  have given their usual great display, must remember I have promised some to a bowling friend now they are ready for splitting.

The Apples are now dropping so must get organised to make the Crab Apple and  Apple Jelly. One thing, thank goodness, I am not short of is jars.

The Snowdrop tree that I bought has until recently not looked good, now making growth.

As I stated the Rhubarb has done very well and am now freezing some, though at present my big worry is space in the freezer with the Apples nearly ready.
Still amazed that this year that they are so much redder, being Bramley they are usually green.
Don't have a great success  storing Apples in trays, the garage being in the Sun is far to warm, the freezer the only answer.

Still not made up my mind about the front raised bed that has mainly Hosta, just do not seem able to control the dratted slugs so will have to go.
Found a new spot for the tall Alstroemeria, will get some more dwarf ones next Spring as I prefer them.

The Fuschias are as ever still going strong, have taken cuttings ready for next year.

Made a mistake not buying the Surfinia Petunias plugs, the Cascading Petunia have not been anywhere near as prolific or colourful, a lesson learnt.