Monday, 6 November 2017

th November

Well winter is certainly on its way today, its not frosty but only a touch away.
I have now cut back all my Begonias, everywhere looks so drab on the Patio, thank goodness for the Dahlias in the borders.
The Shrubs are waiting for their winter Prune,hopefully this week, made the mistake last year of pruning the Hydrangers in the Spring, and like a couple of friends had very few lowers, so going back to the old way and doing it itn Autumn.
Have collected seeds again from the Cosmos for myself and friends, also some larger Marigolds whilst in Scotand,  that are almost White and about 12 inches high. Keeping my fingers crossed they will be okay, sure they will.
They tell me the plug Begonias will develope Tubers, heres hoping!!
The Thalia Fuschias are still in flower so will just keep an eye on them.
Next job to insulate the greenhouse, really makes me feel like winter just thinking about it.

Monday, 14 August 2017

14th Aug.

The severe rains two weeks ago really took told of the Stargazer Lilies, ended up having to give bunches away. Perhaps in part my fault, they are in large planters and with Jack being so ill didn't get around to splitting them, so have now cut them them down and will in a couple of weeks split them, putting some into the back border.

We are lucky the year to have some Lovely Butterflies, can't remember as many in a longtime.

The Majestic Begonias are still amazing us all, nature is a wondeful thing. With them being so large I thought they might not perform for as long, but they are still  perfect. What a good choice they are.

Friday, 23 June 2017

23rd June

The Yellow Dwarf Alstromeria are looking superb, thanks Viv.

I have bought more in other colours and they have taken off so well, good thing they are in another bed, just wish I had bought 8, only bought 4 so have sent off for another 4, the little bed by the front door will be looking great, being perenial will  be easy to care for.
They are well worth the little extra cost they are such large healthy plants.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

6th June

Well we didn't have rain for over 5 weeks but boy has it made up for it the last 24 hours, the garden must have heaved a sigh if relief.
Everywhere is looking quite perky.

The Arum Lilies are exceptional this year.
A couple of things have popped  that I have no idea what they are, will have to do a search for them,
Sadly the Cornflower seedlings have failed could be that i planted them where the Yucca was, lesson learnt, but the Rudbeckia are going strong as are the lettuce, must grow the lettuce again.

The Sungold tomato are as ever going well should be picking the first in about a  week.
Disaster again the new double planter with the Fuschia blew over in the gales overnight, have realised I cannot put tall planters in that corner, shame they look so good from the lounge.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

16 May

Well at long last some rain, it is over a month since we had rain so very welcome.
Everything is really looking refreshed now.
We are having a fund raising day tomorrow at the Bowling Club so have done quite a few seedlings and plants for this, hope it's dry and that we sell all the plants and baking.

Delighted that the Dahlia & Fuschia  cuttings are all doing well.

The deep Purple Rhody is now in full flower, as it is near to the sunset yellow one they look great.
The John Downey Crab Apple tree is setting plenty of fruit, hope it  keeps Honey Fungus free, I would hate it to go the way of my Bramley.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tuesday 2nd May

MY how time flies, May already.
I am now hardening off the plants in the greenhouse, I have grown extra for the bowling club Fund Day, including Iceberg Lettuce.
The John Downie Crab Apple is a mass of flowers should be a good crop, didn't make any last year with Jack being so ill so will make extra for the family.
The yellow Rhododendrons are spectacular this year.
That Yucca had to go, it was so dangerous, it certainly did not like having the spikes trimmed off, became very sad looking, what a job Scott and Alan had removing it, just could not believe the size of the rootball, thankfully its all gone
The Begonias in the greenhouse are now growling well as are the new Dahlias --Hayley Jane. looking forward to seeing these in flower.

One of the perennials I am growing from seed for myself and the club are Rudbeckia, never grown them before so hope the are as good as the picture.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

I am only one of many that is enjoyong the lovely spring flowers in the garden just now.
 Amazing how things pop up that you know you didn't plant, I never planted white corocus but quite a few have appeared and they are very large.
Just finished hoeing etc. in the front garden so all pristene now and have split some of the Yellow dwarf Alstoemeria , keeping my fingers crossed they take, should do.
Am having thoughts about the other Yucca, it got me again today so have snipped all the spikes of the end of the leaves, will wait now to see how it goes along.
The Rhubarb is now growing very strongly looks like it is going to be another good crop from both, amazing what a load of Horse muck will do.
A last I have found somethig that will kill of Ivy.

The  Marigolds and Crocosmia seeds I collected last season are all now transplanted in the greenhouse, just can't manage without the Marigolds for the greenhouse,  they keep me free of Aphids every year.
The Fushias that I did bring into the greenhouse are good, surprisingly two or three I left out whilst Jack was ill are now coming into life, very surprised that Deep Purple is one of them, it is the only one I have trouble striking cuttings from and always thought it was very tender!!!.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March 1st

Inspite of last weeks foul weather the spring flowers have survived except for a few crocus in the front garden.
Very pleased with the newer Helebore that I planted about 18 months ago, they really have taken off adding colour to the bottom garden, now that the Daffs and crocus are opening it is a joy to see.

 In the front garden in that small bed by the front door is a mass of crocus, they really have spread.
I have planted into that bed some new Dwarf Alstroemeria white with reddish spots, should be really set off by the Rhus coloured Carex type grass thing I have planted around the edges, they really have split very well thanks Viv.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

The sight of a few spring flowers is always a joy at the time of year.
Must admitt I love the Primroses and Snowdrops, they give me such hope.
The Hellebores as ever do not let me down and now coming into flower, the newer ones are already in full flower, this one last year never raised its head, has done this year.
This last couple of days we have started pruning the Hydrangers and Hardy Fushias, what a gap these leave, as they are all starting to sprit its time to get these jobs done. Last back end whilst Jack was so ill i had to leave the garden to its own devises, hence a lot of work to catch up.