Thursday, 4 July 2013

4th July

A glorious day seems a shame not to be able to garden, other than pottering, I have just had a Carpal Tunnel op. the left wrist, so must behave and not get get stuck into anything other than dead heading.
The new Foxgloves are in full flower and look good, the Bees love them, at present they are in a large planter, will have to find a permanent home for them. I also planted some in the front Garden but they are only half as tall, theres me thinking all the manure had really enriched the soil, oh well, will have to investigate their likes and dislikes.
The Alstoemeria pictured that Viv gave me, I have since divided, are now in full bloom, I shall divide again as the new colours I bought are not compact like these and that is what I was looking for.
This is the time now that things are catching up that I start to take cuttings, must find a glove large enough to keep my left hand covered!!

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  1. A beautiful display Den - and it's good to know that they're still flowering - wonder if they're doing the same in the old house????