Saturday, 31 August 2013

Monday 26th Aug.

As this lovely weather continues I am making plans for the Autumn.
Last year I washed the greenhouse but this year I am going to give it a really good clean with some Jeyes fluid, feel sure that all this lovely sunshine will have given the beasties a field day, just to be sure a good scrub will put my mind at rest.
I am under way now with cuttings of the Fuschia etc. so all is well.
The Bay tree/bush has been well trimmed also the red Pyrocantha and Holly so the Autumn work will be easier, especially fitting every thing into the dreaded green bin, last season it was nearly Christmas before we were clear.
The Apples are continuing to drop, some quite large so have started to freeze them.
The Surfina Petunias in a basket by the garage are still terrific, they must have been in flower for 12 weeks, you really cannot ask more of a plant than this. I have decided next season in the triple basket at the end of the garden, to plant up with the same Surfina Petunia, they are dearer than the others but well worth the difference. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturday 17th August

This is the first wet day in a long time, it usually rains at night here thank goodness. Hope its as forecast dry tomorrow as I am bowling all day.
Went to the Southport Flower Show yesterday, lovely weather so able to stroll around being tempted to buy plants. This is really a very good show and there are plenty of places to stop and have a seat for a while, to Jacks delight.
Treated myself to a floaty type of thing, not a grass, sturdier, called Baloskion Tetraphyllum - Tassel Cord Rush, from Australia. Just what I was looking for to place amongst the Fuschia.
Another stall had a great display of Alstroemeria and a good display of the cushion type so have decided to order some.
The display of dahlia tempted me and shall order a rather lovely pink one -  Can Can.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tuesday 6th Aug.

Well I just knew it would happen, the dratted heavy rain has flattened some of my lovely Star Gazer Lilies, I hate this much prefer them in the garden than in vases. The worst affected strangely are the ones in a sheltered spot, doesn't make sense.
Quite amazes that the Dinner Plate Dahlia are still upright.
One of the good things this rain is certainly swelling the Bramley Apples.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday 4th August

Today was forecast to be very wet, but thankfully it rained during the night.

The Dinner plate Dahlia are opening now, just praying that we only have normal rain so as not to spoil them, with the large heads they soon hang and break if the rain is heavy no matter how well I stake them.
I am still amazed to see so many Bees in the garden, still feel it is the Foxgloves that have brought them.
I am now cutting back the stems on the Foxgloves that have finished flowering, there are many smaller branches bearing flowers, so looks like they will continue for some time yet.
 Pulled some more Rhubarb today, will freeze most of it as I have now used all the apples I froze last season, must admit a family favourite is Rhubarb and Apple Pie or Crumble. Must make some for my niece Julie when she comes over from Kenya next month, they do not grow Rhubarb around Nairobi.