Sunday, 29 March 2015

29th March

I love Spring when the garden begins to come to life again, so miss the colour in Winter.
I have now almost completed the hoeing and trimming so set now for mulching with the compost.

The Camellia is looking extra well this season, must have got the ericaceous feed correct.

The Hellebore below as ever really good.
next job is protecting the Apple Trees from grubs, did rather well last year

The Rhubarb plants are growing fast, can't wait for the first pies.

Seedlings etc. in the Greenhouse look good, have just started to pot into the baskets etc. the Fuschia.

Decided this year the triple  basket holder - towards the end of the garden will have Begonia, a change from Fuschia, though I may regret this, still must have a change now and then.