Saturday, 31 January 2015

31st January

Despite this very cold weather, fortunately no snow, the spring bulbs are all well up, I love Snowdrops and the first sign to me means Spring isn't to far away, I hope.
The Hellebore flowers would have opened but for this cold spell. Viv have you got or want some of the seedlings? these are the ones you gave me years ago.
I am amazed to find that a pot of Geraniums that I forgot to take into the greenhouse, in a corner by the garage, are still flowering, okay they are a bit pathetic but who cares, just goes to show they are not as fragile as we are lead to believe.
Have decided that after the poor showing last summer I shall remove the Hostas in the front bed, I have a lot of Geraniums in the greenhouse so will fill that bed with these for a change.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday 25th Jan 2015

Well at last the frost has gone fortunately we haven't had snow, were able to trim the grass which was rather long, which means wet feet when going to the greenhouse etc.
The tubs of Hyacinths and Tulips are well along now so will be moving to the Patio shortly, at present they are in a sheltered spot by the greenhouse.
The Daffodils are also about 7 inches high, all makes me feel hopeful that Spring is on the way. The small bunch of Snowdrops, the only ones that survive in my garden, are looking good. Never worked out why the others vanish.
I am well along with plans to change the planting of the pots and baskets, decided to introduce a few changes, as good as they have looked last couple of years a change is always good.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

January 3rd.

Well its all over for another year, can now get back to normal, though seeing all the great grand children was great, and as ever Ashton the only boy still has holes in his toes, no other explanation as to where all the food goes, "Gran have you got anything to eat?.
The garden is tidy-ish, never looks great with all the wind etc.
The Arum Lilies that thought December was spring are still in leaf, for how long I wonder.
After the disappointing second season with the Foxgloves Illumination Pink I have decided to move them to the back of the border on the left hand side, listed as perennial wonder if in fact they rest alternate years, we will soon see.
All the spring bulbs that I left in pots are now showing, so will move them into their flowering place on the patio.
The greenhouse plants are all chugging along, I am getting ready now to sow seeds, just browsing seed catalogues to see what takes my fancy.