Friday, 23 June 2017

23rd June

The Yellow Dwarf Alstromeria are looking superb, thanks Viv.

I have bought more in other colours and they have taken off so well, good thing they are in another bed, just wish I had bought 8, only bought 4 so have sent off for another 4, the little bed by the front door will be looking great, being perenial will  be easy to care for.
They are well worth the little extra cost they are such large healthy plants.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

6th June

Well we didn't have rain for over 5 weeks but boy has it made up for it the last 24 hours, the garden must have heaved a sigh if relief.
Everywhere is looking quite perky.

The Arum Lilies are exceptional this year.
A couple of things have popped  that I have no idea what they are, will have to do a search for them,
Sadly the Cornflower seedlings have failed could be that i planted them where the Yucca was, lesson learnt, but the Rudbeckia are going strong as are the lettuce, must grow the lettuce again.

The Sungold tomato are as ever going well should be picking the first in about a  week.
Disaster again the new double planter with the Fuschia blew over in the gales overnight, have realised I cannot put tall planters in that corner, shame they look so good from the lounge.