Sunday, 12 March 2017

I am only one of many that is enjoyong the lovely spring flowers in the garden just now.
 Amazing how things pop up that you know you didn't plant, I never planted white corocus but quite a few have appeared and they are very large.
Just finished hoeing etc. in the front garden so all pristene now and have split some of the Yellow dwarf Alstoemeria , keeping my fingers crossed they take, should do.
Am having thoughts about the other Yucca, it got me again today so have snipped all the spikes of the end of the leaves, will wait now to see how it goes along.
The Rhubarb is now growing very strongly looks like it is going to be another good crop from both, amazing what a load of Horse muck will do.
A last I have found somethig that will kill of Ivy.

The  Marigolds and Crocosmia seeds I collected last season are all now transplanted in the greenhouse, just can't manage without the Marigolds for the greenhouse,  they keep me free of Aphids every year.
The Fushias that I did bring into the greenhouse are good, surprisingly two or three I left out whilst Jack was ill are now coming into life, very surprised that Deep Purple is one of them, it is the only one I have trouble striking cuttings from and always thought it was very tender!!!.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March 1st

Inspite of last weeks foul weather the spring flowers have survived except for a few crocus in the front garden.
Very pleased with the newer Helebore that I planted about 18 months ago, they really have taken off adding colour to the bottom garden, now that the Daffs and crocus are opening it is a joy to see.

 In the front garden in that small bed by the front door is a mass of crocus, they really have spread.
I have planted into that bed some new Dwarf Alstroemeria white with reddish spots, should be really set off by the Rhus coloured Carex type grass thing I have planted around the edges, they really have split very well thanks Viv.