Monday, 11 November 2013

11th November

Well just in time all the work in the back garden is now done, everywhere neat and tidy and now the rain as forecast, once it starts doesn't know when to stop.
I have ordered Hyacinths and Tulips and created spaces for them. Must admit I forgot the Daffodils. they can be layered with the Hyacinths, will order today.
The tip on Gardeners World re cleaning off the plant name tags didn't really work for me, my son used my nail polish remover and hey presto I now have a lot of newish ones ready for use. Glad I didn't do my usual bin job on them.
The front garden is still very colourful, have removed the Marigolds and Sweet peas, so am leaving until all the rest die down, some of the Dahlias are still going strong, the yellow Dinner Plate didn't survive those winds and rain, poor things the heads being so large couldn't take all that battering.
Must find something that is evergreen and flowers, but not tall, for that large planter by the porch. The Rhodadendrum which was getting quite large, had to be removed as it was forever being blown over, it is now on the back Patio in a much heavier planter, keeping my fingers crossed. Our ground is Alkaline so the borders are not an option, even when planted with a large bag of Ericaceous compost, after a year or so the flowers become nothing. I proved this with a Camellia, though it still looks healthy the flowers are a shadow of the original.