Saturday, 22 June 2013


 Wow, two weeks of lovely warm sunshine, one and a half days of showers and now more sun, the garden is in heaven.
Now everything is growing so fast I have been weeding the back of the borders, I will not be able shortly to get under the bushes as the perennials are all racing along.  As usual I got impaled on the Holly and Pyracantha I grow as shrubs, I never learn.
The Pinks are in full flower, better than ever, the pink climbing rose Zephirine Drouhin an old climber, with a really strong perfume is a sight for sore eyes. Sadly it only has the one full flush of flowers, odds and ends there after, but it is worth it.
The Fuschia  are all beginning to flower now, I shall hopefully be looking to introduce some more varieties this year, whilst still growing my favourites of course.
The big disappointment this year is the Foxglove that was such a success at Chelsea last season.
They have grown well, the stems are full of flowers but the actual flowers are so much smaller than displayed in the gardening Magazines,  I thought they would be twice the size they are, still they will add to the back of the borders well and are a change.