Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday 24th  February
What a good week, the plug plants I ordered arrived, in excellent condition.
After the Chelsea Flower show I was impressed with and ordered the Foxglove Illumination Pink, these are sterile and are continuous flowering, they claim, for 6 months, to be divided in time as with other perennials, really looking forward to seeing these in bloom. The Hellebores also arrived,  different colours to the one I have,  problem is as ever I am running out of space. Still potted on they are safe in the greenhouse for now.
 Had another brainstorm today and bought some more Primroses and Crocus, you can never have to many!! at this time of year they bring so much colour to the garden.
A friend popped round so was able to off load some plants I had divided and didn't have a home for, can't somehow throw away good plants. She had a bit of a disaster last year and was looking for new plants thank goodness.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuesday 19th
Well at last the first snowdrops and crocus have appeared, surely spring is near, or is this sunshine just to kid us along.
The Hellebores are also in flower .
This week we have started the hard work, last summers constant rain has produced an amazing amount of Moss between the paving blocks, the tedious job of clearing it is now well under way and I have sprayed weedkiller just in case any escaped.
The Tomato seeds are now germinating well in the propagator as are the Peppers, the French Marigolds are yet to show but there's plenty of time for these.
In the greenhouse the Fuchsia, Sweet Peas and Alstroemeria are all looking good, hope this cold spell doesn't set them back.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

February 14th - Pancake Tuesday
Well things are really beginning to come alive now, makes me feel that Spring is on the way, can't come soon enough for me, still wondering if the roses are going to have a nasty shock, they seem very far advanced at present, though the bulbs are slower than usual.
The Primroses continue to look really bright and cheerful, they are so reliable.
The Fuchsia cuttings in the greenhouse are all looking good, haven't lost any, hope I am not speaking to soon. Just transplanted the Sweet Peas, shall start pinching out next week, if as forecast it is milder, they really are ready now.
The new Alstromeria roots are beginning to show growth, still wondering if these are going to be taller than I wanted, time will tell.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

February 2013

Well the New Year certainly started with a bad news, I hope February is the turning point.
The two friends who ended up in hospital are now improving.
This is the time I start thinking of sowing my Tomato seeds, mind you it helps if you have bought same, or can remember where you put the half a packet from last year.
I  as usual will be sowing French Marigolds for protection against Aphids in the greenhouse.
Last season I was pleased with the red, green & yellow Peppers, I seem as time goes by to use them more and more. This season I shall try the larger Chili Peppers, the small ones did very well last year but I fancy trying the larger ones.
Seems strange not to be up to my neck in material for the opening of the Bowling Club, though must admit it has given me chance to do other things.
Looking forward as ever to the outdoor bowling, the Short Mat at Dunes on a Friday is fun but there is nothing like Competitions and Leagues.