Monday, 27 May 2013


After 3 lovely summer days we are back to pouring rain, what a dreadful climate we have.
Just as I thought things we shaping up in the sunshine, oh well, here's hoping, summer must surely start soon.
Whilst the sun shone I have been able to get the garden into trim.
The front raised bed that I had split and transplanted some Hosta, to have as a permanent edging, well I didn't have them in quite the right place so have moved them into place, they look fine now, just need something in the centre to give colour.
The Geranium plugs I bought are for the first time ever, a disaster, have contacted the grower but will need to rethink this.
 In the front garden the Mahonia that I trimmed earlier has lovely reddish young leaves, at least that likes the wet.
Just reading an article about the awful winter weather washing out all the nutrients from the soil, our sandy soil especially, so adding to the feeding programme  slow release fertiliser and hoping it does the trick.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Red Bird

Well of all the things I write about I never thought it would be a bird.
It really is lovely, seems to be a small type of Parrot. Scott went round to take a photo or two as ever.
It appeared on the garden fence in next doors garden, looks like an escapee, so Allison has bought feed for it.
Unless we catch it the R.S.P.C.A. don't want to know,  we will keep an eye on the local paper to see if anyone is looking for it.
Just hope we do not have any more frost, can't think it could survive that.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What a joy to see the garden in bloom, the Apple trees are covered in blossom, just hope the Bees etc. do their bit this year, I have almost run out of Crab Apple jelly as the John Downey really suffered last year,
The new Rhododendron that my son bought last year and didn't flower!! I thought oh dear he has been sold a pup, but no, this year it is lovely. The nearest to the colour would be Apricot with darker edges.
Hope it doesn't quickly out grow the very large planter which I filled with Ericaceous compost, I'm really delighted with it. 
I have now hardened off most of the Fuchsia, al are now in their baskets and pots, just wish the wind would ease off.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wed. 1st May

Can't believe at last sunny warm weather, the garden is looking great and the greenhouse is now bursting with plants that really need hardening off. Starting now to do this but keeping them under cover at night, just can't believe that the frost is over. I usually have my baskets outside by now.
Just received the Geranium plug plants I ordered so will pot on tomorrow.
The bowling season has started, what a pleasure to be bowling in the sun.