Saturday, 7 February 2015

February 7th

Well today is much milder and stroll around the garden revelled the Primroses, Snowdrops and Hellebores are just beginning to flower, so good to see the garden coming into life again.

I have just also watered in the greenhouse, the Fuschia and Geraniums are all well along, will take some cuttings shortly.

Decided to try some other strains of  Fuschia, one or two I have had in the past that for whatever reason didn't continue with, need more pink so thinking of Marcus Graham and Pink Galore, also an old favourite Dark Eyes.

If I only believed the frost was over I would split and transplant some of the perennials, maybe better to leave a while.

Also decided to buy some new Marigold seeds as I have been collecting seed from the same lot for years. I usually say 'if its not broken don't mend' so will do both.