Tuesday, 9 July 2013


What a delight these Foxgloves are, our Great Grandchildren will be amazed to watch the Bees visiting each of the tubular bells, we certainly were, realising there were more Bees in the garden than we thought.
Sadly it would appear they have missed the John Downey Crab Apple, there are very few apples, I use these to make Crab Apple jelly, its great with Chicken and Pork, a change from Apple Sauce. Oh well there is always next year, I hope though I must admit I am very disappointed.
During the earlier part of the so called Spring, I moved various things to give the front garden a new look, seems to be working. 
Adding the Queen Elizabeth rose to the  back of the side boarder, just behind the young Yucca gives it colour, the Alstroemeria are looking good at the front edge, the common Fuschia and Hydrangea never let me down, though the variegated Holly  rarely has berries. The Mahonia  is a gem, just around Christmas it is always covered in flowers, slowly things are taking shape to give me more colour and dare I hope less work.

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