Wednesday, 18 December 2013

18 December

Christmas is upon us once again, they say not to be white, sorry kids.
A very quiet time gardening wise.
The Mahonia is still flowering as are the primroses, this splash of colour is so welcome at this time of year.
Amazingly those little Dianthus still have some flowers, what a revelation they have been.
Have moved some of the Herb planters into the greenhouse in the hope they will carry on through the winter, time will tell.
Doubt I will get around to write again as like everyone it is mad busy so-

Happy Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year

Friday, 6 December 2013

6th December

Well winter is well and truly here, the Pyracantha and Cotoneaster have all had their berries stripped by the birds. Good news the Cotoneaster leaves are now a glowing red, really quite a sight, makes up for the lack of berries.
The Dianthus I planted in spring still have flowers, and the seeds I took and sowed are also in flower. The family are all in for a treat next Spring when I pass them on. They make a great edging with no maintenance required other than de-heading.
I haven't  pruned the Common hedgerow Fuchsia or the Hydrangea as they, until this weeks frost, have still been in flower, will now do in spring. I will take more cuttings of the Fuchsia then as friends have asked for them.
I have decided to make a few changes next spring so hope we have some decent weather, mainly moving things that have outgrown places.
The new Tulips are now in a large planter and when the delayed Hyacinths arrive some will go on top, This particular planted will then be moved during summer and not disturbed, the other Hyacinths will go into other planters just for this winter.
Everything in the greenhouse is okay, the Sweet peas have been pinched out and bushing well, never planted them in Autumn before so we will see how they get along.