Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Well the job I do not enjoy is done, bubble wrapping the greenhouse, Scott did this saves me climbing ladders so all ready for the Fuschias etc.
The tall triple basket of Dancing Flame are now potted on and indoors, just can,t bring myself to cut back Kit Oxenby and Dawn Star as they are still in full flower.
The yellow berried Pyrocantha by the greenhouse has partially died so that's now gone and a Euonymus  is now in its place, not as interesting but far less dangerous.
All the shrubs have been well trimmed and the debris removed by the gardener, so well on the way now to finish the winter preparation.
The one thing that will give us pleasure for the next weeks my neighbours Pampas grass.

Monday, 19 October 2015

19th October

Just getting back to the garden after a month with this awful Virus.
all the pots and baskets are now clear, thanks to help from Scott.

All the sorry harvest of apples picked, hope we do not have another year like this, I will end up buying baking apples - unheard of, I usually give a lot away.

Next on the list to book P. Crabtree to come and prune hard all the shrubs.
I am not well enough to do this year and as we missed all the good weather must swallow  my pride and pay.

The Dalias and Fuschia are all still in full flower so will leave those baskets until sign of frost.

The Pampas grass over the fence is lovely really has spread, makes a lovely backdrop.