Sunday, 16 October 2016

16 October

Everything that is still standing is still in full flower but sadly the gales a couple of weeks ago did so much damage.
The lovely triple rotating baskets at the end of the garden  were smashed down and the whole stand  is now unrepairable. The only good thing the baskets full of Begonia Sensation are still intact so have stood  them inside some of the large tubs on the Patio until they finish, they have been amazing and will plant again next year into the new tiered stand my son has ordered for me for Christmas.

All the Dahlias that I though I had staked so well are lying flat down though still in full bloom. Oh well thats gardening never a dull moment.

Must admit I am surprised that the garden is still in full flower, so can't lift all the perennials by the dead Bramley Apple, only then can I book the Paul Crabtree to remove it and trim all the shrubs.  Oh dear that really makes me think winter.

I have planted the spring  bulbs I bought should have a great show. Have done the same as last year when I planted the Hyacinths in tubs to place onto the Patio then to put at the end of the garden by the greenhouse for the summer, saves lifting and replanting, again saves work.