Sunday, 28 August 2016

This has turned out to be a very different summer for so may plants. I thought the warm wet winter weather would be just what everything liked, but no, somethings have not done as well as usual.

The Dancing Flame Fuschias usually so prolific, haven't after the first flush continued to flower, just made a lot of growth, so disappointing its never happened before in all the years I have been growing them.

The Begonias at the end in the 3 basket stand which looks like one plant, are still giving a great show.

The wine coloured Dahlias have grown so tall, whilst they look great need lots of extra staking.
The greenhouse, well the tomatoes which started so well have all but finished and I have cleared ready to clean ready for the cuttings.

A friend was telling me she is experiencing similar things, two of her fruit trees have died one a Plum, is it the weather,  maybe plants really do prefer a cold winter.

The John Downey crab Apple is just about ready to harvest, a really great crop this season.
The Rhubarb has been prolific and still going strong.
Amazingly I did not have success with the Courgettes, they are I know usually easy to grow.
I guess thats gardening nothing ever the same, which is what keeps us going, I think!!