Saturday, 5 July 2014

Saturday 5th July

I have just staked the Dahlias, idiot that I am I had forgotten to do them, as ever broke one stem. Each year I promise myself I will do it very early but somehow leave them "just a little longer" and pay for it.
After not having much rain for a very long time last night it made up for it, sadly the weeds will also love it.
First pull of the Rhubarb that I planted last year and thought wasn't very tasty, well it must just have been too young as this is great, also found the label Timperley Early. Shall do as I read and leave this year to mature.
The photo of the back garden enclosed makes it look smaller than it really is, shame about the ramp hand rail. The Hydrangears especially the Mop Head in the front garden have benefit from the winter rain and sunny spring, plus all the lovely mulch I put on.

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