Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saturday 14th June

Arum Lily- Spectrum Mixed.
This is an advance part of my birthday present, and yes from a car boot, scott is the original car boot kid, comes home with some amazing things.
These are from a chaps stall who Scott has had some great plants from for me. The only problem as in the past there are no labels, good thing I knew what they were. Looked them up and there are only half hardy, need a dry frost free place in the winter, so can't put them in the garden by my white Arum Lily. They are a great addition to the garden. I love the speckled leaf.
The White Arum Lillies are looking even better as the red Asiatic Lillies along side them are just open.
Every where is looking great, I love this time of year.
Just sown the Dwarf Alstroemeria seeds he also got for me, plus some Chive seeds. For some reason my  Chives have lost their onion bit, they were growing like mad but no flavour so they have gone to the green bin, I shall start over with the new ones.
The Common White Fuschia cuttings I took a couple of weeks ago have taken very well I'm delighted to say.
I have repotted and taken so many things and taken so any cuttings that I am running out of space, would be lost without my potting bench by the greenhouse. At this rate I shall need a bigger garden!!

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