Friday, 5 June 2015

5th June

I really thought summer was here, but after one and a half days back to nothing again.
Thank goodness I went out early whilst it was sunny to weed the front garden, which is now spot on, by noon it had clouded over.
Yesterday was glorious for the Aussie Pairs League (bowling) and we had a great win, what a good game it was, have to make the most of the good weather when we can.
The Apple Trees are setting fruit and it looks like it could be a good crop, we were really delighted with the John Downey Crab Apple It looks like it has finally grown up it really has filled out and is full of buds, as is the Bramley but then it never lets me down.
With all the rain lately the perennials that I split have taken well.
The baskets are all beginning to look good, must admit everything has been so slow I was thinking I had wasted my time, keeping fingers crossed we are now on the right track.
The one failure could be the Mahonia that  we cut back, Think it may have turned up its toes, but needs must, it was rather painful for the window cleaner!!!
I read about the trial of Tomatoes, grow bags- pots and ground. So i tried some in grow bags, but being a doubting Thomas also put some in pots as usual. What a good thing, as the ones in grow bags are not looking good, the ones in pots are great. still its always worth trying these things.

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