Saturday, 9 May 2015

May 9th

After all the horrible gales last week it is surprising that anything survived.
Fortunately the blossom on the Apple Trees had not opened so all is well there.
I had a couple of days earlier put my Fuschia baskets out to harden, as I hadn't actually hung them they are all okay thank goodness.
The Rhododendron flowers have survived thank goodness. It really is well worth waiting for.
I am well on the way with the planting out of the annuals, seem to have more this year somehow.
I took the Bull by the horns and had the huge Yucca in the front garden removed, it was becoming a danger to passers by, has such fierce spikes at the end of the leaves, it has impaled me for the last time. at the same time had the Maple removed, it was a very sorry thing , just didn't like where it was, it has made a big difference to the front garden, so much less work.
The Pieris,  I guess like everyone else's are simply splendid , I love all the Spring colours.
Am trying the Gardeners World trial with my Tomato plants, in grow bags as apposed to pots, supposedly to give a better yield, but being a none believer have hedged my bets by doing both. So far the pots are well ahead!!!.
The Fuschia and Mop Head Hydrangea cutting's have all taken well, though Lord knows where I will put the Hydrangea when they need planting out.

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