Monday, 9 June 2014

8th June

Every thing is now looking good, amongst others the Foxglove and Alstroemeria are in full flower and looking great. Have decided that the Foxglove will have to be moved from the tub into the garden at the back end, the ones in the front garden are far larger, so think maybe the ones in the tub are outgrowing the space.
All the cuttings are good. Funny if you don't want something like Sycamore trees, they seed like mad. At the back of a Hardy Fuschia  bush I found one about 18 inches high and a really bushy strong little tree, shame it had to go in the green bin, but do not know anyone who would have it.
The Fruit trees are full of fruit, lets hope in the June drop we get off lightly.
Don't remember if I mentioned the Quince for the first time in 7 or 8 years it is actually in fruit, surprise surprise.
Have had to resort to Slug pellets around the Hosta, can't have the little blighters spoiling them.
The triple basket stand at the end of the garden is now in flower and well worth the effort. This is the first time I have not had Fuschia in them but felt a change was needed.
The White Arum Lilies are splendid this year, there are 12 flowers open at the moment, must be all the rain.

I have ordered some Dwarf Alstroemeria seeds, rather Scott has, so will soon have plenty, much less work than than annuals, but still giving lots of colour.

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