Wednesday, 22 July 2015

22 July

Well it was  my birthday on the 13th and had some lovely flowers, nothing pleases me more as I am one of those daft people who do not like to spoil the garden by cutting the flowers
A new ( to me) Begonia is one I shall hopefully overwinter and divide for next year. As ever my son Scott never get the labels on plants, or looses them.
Like everyone else the garden is in full flower, well worth the hard work.
The Mahonia that I thought I had killed is now doing nicely, must keep it smaller now as it soon blocks the light from the kitchen if I let it just grow.
The Dancing Flame (Fuschia) is as ever amazing, never fails no matter the weather, so are Kit Oxenby and Dawn Star.
The patio as ever a joy.
I am busy taking cuttings from the Fuschia for next season.
The Rhubarb this year is better than ever, never tire of it .

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