Saturday, 31 January 2015

31st January

Despite this very cold weather, fortunately no snow, the spring bulbs are all well up, I love Snowdrops and the first sign to me means Spring isn't to far away, I hope.
The Hellebore flowers would have opened but for this cold spell. Viv have you got or want some of the seedlings? these are the ones you gave me years ago.
I am amazed to find that a pot of Geraniums that I forgot to take into the greenhouse, in a corner by the garage, are still flowering, okay they are a bit pathetic but who cares, just goes to show they are not as fragile as we are lead to believe.
Have decided that after the poor showing last summer I shall remove the Hostas in the front bed, I have a lot of Geraniums in the greenhouse so will fill that bed with these for a change.

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