Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday 15th

Well thats the Marmalade made for another year thank goodness, yes the little shop is still going strong.
Looking at Revival Gardening I picked up a tip on cuttings. Like me Christine Walker prefers not to use rooting powder, she says to put some Vitamin C  in water and pop cuttings in for while before potting up, must try this on a couple of the more reluctant Fuchsia like Deep Purple.
The Primroses are looking bright and cheerful and the Hellebore are all starting to flower, seems I hope that worst of the winter is over!!
Those Dianthus cuttings that I hardened off are still amazing me, they are I know in a very sheltered spot but beginning to flower!! Guess I shall have to pinch them out again.
Having left the Hydrangea and Common Fuchsia pruning I am sorely tempted to do it next week when Scott is on holiday. Need to stand over him or he goes mad with the trimmer.
The Daffodils are at last showing through, began to wonder if I had lost them.

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