Friday, 4 October 2013

Well thats the hard work done, the greenhouse and staging are now all pristine, the bubble wrap has also been washed in Jeyes fluid and put up, so we will be off to a good start.
Delighted that the seeds I took from the Pinks have germinated so freely, I have transplanted them into trays and will keep in the greenhouse until spring, as these were a compact a variety should make good edging.
This last two weeks my neighbour at the back has the most terrific display of Pampas Grass, the fronds have never been so large and feathery, must have loved the hot dry summer. Think we have a better view of them than they do, they must be over 8 feet tall, a great sight from our lounge.
The Cotoneaster and Pyracantha are in full berry, wonder how long it will be before the birds strip them!!
The Dalias are going strong and will last well into Autumn. Hate this time when we are trimming back the shrubs, makes me think of winter. The Hosta are flowering for the second time.

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