Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday 27th

Well they promised rain and boy is it raining, good thing I did a few jobs early.
I have been splitting some of the perennials and bagging them for our daughter Jackie's new garden.
This heavy rain will finish off my Fuchsia, they have really done so well.
The baskets of Petunia finished last week, must not complain they have been excellent, flowering none stop since end of May.
We have transferred the Rhody in that large pot from the front garden to the back Patio, it was being blown over with the recent strong winds, it is now rather large, hopefully it will be okay in its new place, also now in a larger stone pot, we can but hope. No use putting it into the ground as we are on Alkaline soil here.
I am well under way with dividing the perennials though it looks like it will be a while before I can carry on if the weather forecast  is correct.
The seedlings in the greenhouse are ready for larger pots, quite amazed how good they are.
I still have a few, very few berries on the Cotoneaster and Pyracantha, the birds are having their usual field day.

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