Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thursday 11th April

Well what a month March turned out to be, thank goodness its over.
Went to a garden centre to see if there were any new Fuchsia I could be tempted to try, there were not. About to leave sitting in the car park and a man reversed into my car, said he didn't see me, by the way I was static!! He however did admit fault, but the ensuing month was stressful as my son would not except the repair, its taken just over a month for the job to be completed satisfactorily.
I have during the month now planted up all the baskets and all but two pots, they are all doing well, I also plant up baskets for the family, "Gran will do it".  What would I do without the greenhouse and the portable one that I use each spring to start the hardening off.
As spring is so late I have planted some more Primroses to add more colour, the Crocus and Hyacinths and latterly the Daffodils are a such a cheer at this miserable time.  Can't believe that it is so dry I have had to water.
I have decided to grow more Herbs and my husband and son have added a set/ tower of herb planters, in advance of course, as part of my birthday present, have decided to have it by the back door, so much easier than trailing down the garden.
A new mower as the cost of a complete service was so high, good excuse to give my old one to my youngest Grandson, who is just starting his first garden.

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