Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday April 21st

Can't believe all this sunshine, it really has made such a difference. The Apple trees are bursting into life and the Hosta are popping up nicely, began to wonder at one spell as I had split them to plant around the edges of the front raised bed, this will save me planting annuals, have had to face facts and admit that I need to reduce the work in the garden. Must admit I really like the Hosta, they give a great display all summer and other than keeping the slugs away are trouble free, in the centre I am planting Geraniums as a change.
In the back garden I have now thoroughly weeded and cut the edges. Spring is when I usually do this then in the Summer the basic trimming is all that is needed.  Whilst amongst the shrubs in the back garden I got tangled up and ended flat on my back, more bothered about the the plants than me, we all survived except an old Hydrangea, this was in the wrong place any how, so it had to go to the great compost in the sky, or rather the tip.
Every where looks good and the Daffodils, Primroses, Hyacinths etc. are really looking so colourful, really cheers the soul. Good that all is ship shape as the Bowling season is now upon us. Hope the good weather continues, make the early bowling season a joy.
Took a chance and planted out the new Alstroemeria, Hellebore and Foxglove, which I have I hope, hardened off properly, they all look okay, just hope the frost is well and truly over.

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