Saturday, 2 February 2013

February 2013

Well the New Year certainly started with a bad news, I hope February is the turning point.
The two friends who ended up in hospital are now improving.
This is the time I start thinking of sowing my Tomato seeds, mind you it helps if you have bought same, or can remember where you put the half a packet from last year.
I  as usual will be sowing French Marigolds for protection against Aphids in the greenhouse.
Last season I was pleased with the red, green & yellow Peppers, I seem as time goes by to use them more and more. This season I shall try the larger Chili Peppers, the small ones did very well last year but I fancy trying the larger ones.
Seems strange not to be up to my neck in material for the opening of the Bowling Club, though must admit it has given me chance to do other things.
Looking forward as ever to the outdoor bowling, the Short Mat at Dunes on a Friday is fun but there is nothing like Competitions and Leagues.

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