Monday, 25 July 2016

25th July

Every where is looking so colourful really makes it all worth while.
As ever things pop up that I have never planted, just have to wait until they flower to know what they are.
One thing is another Stargazer has found its way into a Hydrangea cutting pot. As with the one last year it is not variegated like my others, seedlings seem to revert, still a nice change.
In the greenhouse the tomatoes are cropping well, we do not seem to eating as many so next year will grow less.
The Rhubarb has loved the rain and the freezer is looking healthy.
At one end of the garden the Crocosmia Lucifer and Marguerites really light up the corner.
All the Fuschia are in full flower, it amazes me that what seem to be  rather delicate plants are in fact very sturdy.
The begonia that are in the triple basket stand  are a splendid.
I am still mourning my dead Bramley.

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