Saturday, 21 May 2016

Well at last I have bee able to access the site, for some reason I haven't ben able to write a post, hopefully all now well.
The garden is looking well again , I love it when everything starts coming to life again.

Must say the new coloured Hellebore have been splendid.

Sadly my beloved Bramley Apple tree appears to have died, no idea why, its only twenty odd years old so a big shock. The family will miss the apples,  it was so prolific I gave loads away. Ah Well.
I don't thinks I will plant a new one as by the time it bears enough fruit iI will be long gone.!!

The John Downey Crab Apple tree is in full flower and appears to have made a lot of growth, a warm wet winter being the answer I guess. The family will have to make do with Crab Apple Jelly.

Strangely the Quince bush I have had for years, that I nearly dug , is in full flower for the first time ever and really looks lovely and when I looked closely the fruit is forming, jus when I do not have a Bramley, just my luck. I believe that quince grated into apple is very good.!!!

Scott and I have moved the Dahlias from the left corner to make space later for the lovely yellow Rhododendron called either sunset or sunrise, which really describes it  well. I has however grown so large that it will have to move from its planter to the garden.

The Dahlias that we transplanted are in fact now showing growth, unlike the ones that have been in for years, heres hoping they are okay and not like the Bramley.

The deep purple  Rhododendron doesn't seem to be as large but just as eye catching.

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