Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday 20th March

Spring has sprung, what a delight to see all the Spring bulbs and flowers.
The Bowling season is almost here so getting all the jobs done whilst the weather is good.

The seedlings are now transplanted  in the greenhouse, looks like I shall be giving away tomato plants again this year.

Very pleased with the young  Camellia plants can't wait to see what they are like, as ever my son bought and lost the label!!! Whats new.

I am changing the planting of the baskets this year, just to add interest except for the triple that I have for the Dancing Flame (Fuschia).

Like most folks this is the time to move plants that do not appear happy, like the Pieris in the front garden, it really isn't a happy plant, can't think why, so moving to the back Garden and keeping my fingers crossed.
Really delighted with the Hellebores, all three colours are really splendid.

The Rhubarb is now growing strongly, I will be glad when the 'Muck' Man comes , now everywhere is weeded I like to put on a good amount to mulch everywhere.

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