Friday, 18 September 2015

18th September

This is for me the sad time when I start removing the annuals, i.e. first the Begonias, looks so dismal now the pots are empty.
Just started to clear the Sungold  tomato plants from the Greenhouse, getting it ready for the big clean.
The Shirley tomato that a neighbour gave me is still going strong, it was much later fruiting, can't say I am impressed with them, no particular taste unlike the so sweet Sungold, still must give others a try.
Have decided to try collecting my own Tomato seeds as on T.V. worth a try.
I always collect seeds from my other plants but the tomato has a different method so here goes.

The Fuschias are still in full flower and will continue for some time yet, usually until mid October when I remove to the greenhouse avoiding the frost - over winter.
The Hardy hedgerow Fuschia, a cutting taken years ago in Wales I cut down just before the first sign of frost, have take the usual cuttings for friends.

Decided to remove the bed of Hosta from the front, it really did not look as good as I expected. Just do not have the time to keep the slugs at bay.

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