Saturday, 4 October 2014

Saturday 4th October

Well its the first day of Autumn here, we actually had daytime rain, the first for weeks. I know others have had rain in August but not us, 5 months of lovely summer, we a little rain at night occasionally, just enough to top up the water butt, it has been heaven.
I have now cleared all the baskets and pots that had Petunias and Geraniums, also the cut back the Hostas and various other perennials in the at the back of the garden, every where is looking tidy but rather empty _ sad.
Must admit the back border wasn't as weedy as I though, the mulch certainly helped,
The Fuschias are still going strong and should be okay for a couple of weeks.
Today the Primroses arrived and as the rain stopped I planted them out into the empty pots for a little winter cheer.
Also bought a Snowdrop tree/shrub, never heard of it before but as I love snowdrops couldn't resist.
Just remains now to finish off the main bush trimming, and then weed the other borders, before moving onto the front garden.
We do not have a large garden but at this time of year we do have masses for the green bin, even so we  have  had to fill 4 bags and to take the tip. Wish we had a second green bin, no room for a compost heap, to be honest i am now beyond digging so its a good thing.
Our new neighbour is happy to receive plants as I divide, thats a blessing.

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