Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wednesday 12th March

Well after all this time I have actually found the name of the Hellibore that is such a great plant, almost a small shrub- Hellibore Argutifolius.  Doesn't  look good  in this shot, but with its evergreen foliage its a winner.
The new Hellibore doesn't look as if it will be shrub like, but the flowers are lovely, the only fault they hang their heads downwards, its by the Bramley apple so in partial   shade which it appears to like.
I have planted some of the Dianthus seedlings close by to give a continuity of flowers, I hope.
With the last couple of weeks lovely weather spring really has sprung, its a pleasure to go into the garden, especially now that Scott has trimmed all the  common Fuchsia and shrubs for me.

The Compost is next to go on now everywhere is weeded.
Welcome Spring, I hope.

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