Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thursday 13th Feb

Well last night were the very worst gales I can remember , luckily we came off unscathed.
Sadly the garden at the foot of ours, whose lovely Pampas grass has been a joy to view over the fence, are now just a few broken sticks, we will miss them.
An older tree by the Hospice, that used to be Kew Woods, is no more, hope the road is open tomorrow when I take Jack into Hospital, as they are next door to each other.
I have now sown the Cosmos and Marigold seeds, am waiting for the Sungold Tomato seeds to come, couldn't buy locally so sent off for them.

Thank goodness the Primroses and Snowdrops are low enough to have survived, surprisingly so have the Hellebores, which are now in full flower.
With this winter being so mild, if wet, I thought the Daffodils would have been further on.

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